Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s World by Simon J Halliday

When the day has passed once more

Don’t sit and stare down at the floor

You have no time to feel alone

For people wonder where you’ve flown

Your friends are wondering if you’re fine

Or if you crossed a dangerous line

For when no contact has been made

You risk their minds to grow afraid

I don’t know who you have to call

But modern times allow it all

So don’t hold back when thinking deep

The power you have you  just can’t keep

Reach out and make the effort now

You might not realise why or how

But something soon will make you act

And change the future into “Wow!”

I’m not afraid to speak my mind

I’m not afraid to write the truth

So if you find me soon my friend

Then don’t come asking me for proof

I tell you that the future’s great

It’s yours to take or leave, old mate

I don’t have anything left to hide

Tomorrow’s world is open wide…

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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