The Dawn Riders

The Dawn Riders by Simon J. Halliday

Did you wake to sounds of birds

Or was it grinding, steel machines?

The world provides a million ways

To take our hopes and steal our dreams

Yet through the complex thoughts which spin

The light is there for all to find

A single life is nothing much

Unless it’s connected to mankind

The point is not to say hello

Or copy and paste a few old words

The need is far much greater now

To look beyond, to learn and grow

For every whim and passing fad

Will be replaced and leave you cold

Today a phone or perhaps a horse

Tomorrow will seem a little old

Although the passing time is real

You’re not a prisoner to this game

The money goes and so do friends

But new things come, so have no blame

No good comes from looking back

Without the hope of another dawn

In years of searching time’s rich web

I finally see the future born

It’s just beginning for us all

And this, more true for older minds

For death is just a new beginning

When no-one cares, the searcher finds

If all this seems a little odd

And lost you somewhere in the midst

I can’t make an apology

There’s too much waiting on my list

You see the time is pressing on

I’m just like you, I have to go

And writing isn’t everything

It just helps keep me in the flow

So think on words and think on thoughts

Remembering that they’re not your own

The Riders of the dawn were here

Long before our lives had grown

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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