The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule by Simon J. Halliday

Deep beneath the frozen earth

Lies something hidden of unknown worth

A treasure for adventurous souls

To find at will, with joy and mirth

Not to give the game away

I’ll keep it quiet until the day

That someone questions just enough

To bring the answer into play

And then the quest has just begun

For no-one knows beneath the sun

Just where this treasure is quietly lain

Its prime objective – to bring us fun

So searching every land and sea

The people try to set it free

But silently it never stirs

Elusive still, this mystery

I haven’t told you anything real

Or truths you might wish I’d reveal

Yet minds are subtle you may yet find

A thing of worth will have a seal

It’s only when the student’s time

Has reached the point of facing crime

And fearless, marches through it all

With knowledge of life beyond sublime

The answers lie in patient wait

Whilst students cry with fear and hate

So rise from life and search through time

The biggest fish takes all the bait

And does he live or does he die?

Does he sing or does he cry?

The capsule still lies hidden in time

So search, my friend, for time can’t lie

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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