The Poem of Doom

The Poem of Doom
Read on with caution, tenuous soul
For every word has a dangerous goal
To lure you in and turn your mind
An animal trap, a vast black hole
Of twisting, turning rhythmic prose
Which ever shifts yet never shows
It doesn’t explain its true intent
It simply keeps you on your toes
Beware dear reader every day
For sometimes man has nothing to say
It’s his own vision of earthly pain
A dragon which you might need to slay
Don’t trust a word, for all is lies
You can’t ignore the buzzing flies
Which hover around and stay so near
Within this poem of earthly cries
I hope this verse has not upset
Or caused the reader some regret
A self-indulgent tone today
How rude, this writer, casts his net
He catches souls with every word
The truth has now become absurd
You mustn’t read on, you’ll learn too much
The poem of doom is just a crutch.
So break away from every line
Stronger, rise from books and shine
Your future could be somewhere else
So far away from mine
(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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