Men of Hope

Men of Hope
What the world won’t always see
Is pain lives on in you and me
It’s sometimes hidden and not all wrong
But can it help to set us free?
I don’t know if the answer’s clear
But every day some hope is near
You may just blink and miss the truth
So stay awake, avoiding fear
The world will change once more, again
In every land, in city and glen
It may be slow but have no doubt
The question is how, it’s never when
For deep within each human soul
A quiet hope waits for its goal
And some day every one will act
For good or ill, a different role
Don’t be afraid of anything new
It may beg questions – what to do?
Yet sometimes taking time is best
For more will change before you’re through
We’re each alone yet all is one
And one day all of this is gone
So men of hope – stand up for good
Then smile in peace, your light once shone
(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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