Angelic Voices

Angelic Voices

An angel spoke to me today
The news she brought I can’t yet say
But rest assured the future’s good
For every soul there is a way 

If to this weary writer came
A heavenly message with powerful flame
Then good news can be heard by all
For in the end we’re all the same 

Now sometimes there’s disbelief around
I’m not so far above the ground
To let those things unnoticed pass
For doubting also makes a sound 

There isn’t a time mankind has seen
Where nothing of mystery’s left to glean
There’s always chance for something new
Surprising light on where we’ve been 

Because the future’s coming fast
You should hold on to what will last
For much will go, quicker than sand
Leaving memories of the past 

So nothing more for now, dear friend
Except a gentle word to lend
Stay open for the positive news
For angels, time will have no end


(c) Simon Halliday 2013

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