The Strangest Day

The Strangest Day

You wake and find a different room
This place resembles an ancient tomb
With artefacts of gold and dust
Magic and danger somehow loom

You glance around and wonder why
Above you stars, an open sky
Yet you are trapped and can’t escape
So think quite fast, you have to try

How came you to this wonderland?
You’ll never know or understand
It’s way beyond your wildest thoughts
You’re now the stranger in a foreign land

So what’s the move you need to make?
Don’t think there’s been a huge mistake
You are just where you have to be
But now make plans, for goodness’ sake

There are no animals, nothing stirs
Just skulls and skins, teeth and furs
The remnants of another time
Yet here you are, amidst the verse

Try every door, try every lock
You have some keys, here comes a shock
One of them fits, unlocks for you
The strangest day upon this rock


(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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