The Dusty Road

The Dusty Road

The dusty road may seem quite bleak
Of waste and death it threatens to reek
A skeletal form, and perhaps some blood
And see the glistening vulture’s beak

Why might you wish to walk that way?
What could possess your steps to stray
Into the place where no good lives
A barren wasteland every day

Yet some do go, I must inform

They’ve seen inside the traveller’s storm
We heard reports from deep within
Stories which certainly aren’t the norm

The swathe of people every day
In office and retail sell more clay
And yet we’re only clay ourselves
Look closely, do you want to pay?

So perhaps amidst the glistening jewels
You might be tempted to break the rules
When nothing satisfies your need
You’ll want to walk away from fools

Then turn away from ‘greed is good’
Such nonsense can’t be understood
For goodness comes from those who care
If people can’t see, they really should

Yet words like this are often cast
Away from fortune’s fiery blast
To quiet untrodden paths unseen
The dusty road, where truth will last

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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