I’m Here For You

I’m Here For You

I’m here for you through thick and thin
Respecting you, in courage or sin
The Lord can judge, but never I
For I’ll be judged too, when I die

The time can pass, lives come and go
Whilst talents are wasted we’ll never know
So sad, yet somehow there’s always hope
For many, enough to daily cope

So have no fear of what you know
You’re never alone when things seem slow
There’s need for patience and self-restraint
Miracles come from an austere saint

Don’t wait to ask, I’m here right now
Be brave and try to find out how
Your life can change and grow anew
A word away from dreams coming true

Be cautious, yes, for times are strange
But all is possible when things change
The devil you thought you knew has gone
But life each day continues on

Confusion in this play of words
It challenges rock-stars, also nerds
So realise you must seek what’s true
Remembering that I’m here for you

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

For more info. on Simon J. Halliday: http://www.mysteriousbooks.co.uk

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