Think Positive

Think Positive

Positive thoughts all through the day
Will help keep fear and doubt at bay
I’ll start you off, have these on me
There’s not a cost, they’re all for free!

You’re great and powerful, You can win
The game’s worth playing, let us begin
The day is full of joyful times
You’re not a prisoner of others crimes

Your life’s your own, you have a chance
You’re free to sing and free to dance
You won’t lose out, as love’s your goal
Think loving thoughts, give them your all

You don’t need more, you have enough
Yet more is coming, times aren’t so tough
You have a chance to change your view
The world each day becoming new

You’re looking forward with such power
Which now increases by the hour
You’re breaking chains and freeing minds
With such bright action, it nearly blinds

The people passing by can see
They just see you, they can’t see me
So keep my thoughts inside this day
Then grow your own – the positive way

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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