When doors are slamming in your face
And you’ve almost deserted the human race
When friends are few and troubles grow
Just stop and think – where can I go?
There’s always hope for sincere hearts
When life is rough, and help departs
There’s still a chance that things can change
For life is bigger and far more strange

We’re drifting on an earth of dust
It’s full of passion, of fear and lust
But also beauty can be found
Don’t wait too long on common ground
Explore, be free, for life goes on
Move forward before all this is gone
Courage and hope in face of doubt
Discover what you can’t live without 

For sometimes things need to be lost
Forget the meaning and the cost
As something else is waiting near
It can’t approach whilst still lives fear
The answer to your deepest prayer
The reason why you’re waiting there
At last you have wide open doors
And life begins, so fight your cause

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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