Fruits of Life

Fruits of Life


The fruit, they say, won’t fall too far
But fruit has neither legs nor car
A man is not a fruit you see
He yearns to grow and to be free

So watch the fruit and see, it’s still
That’s not the way of human will
It moves and changes every day
It always has something to say

So find the truth of who you are
Reach out for the furthest star
You see it glistening, don’t pretend
That without this the tale must end

You know exactly what you need
Deep down a task you have to heed
It’s no use hiding from what you know
Move on with courage, you’re free to go

Yet also think on what is real
Don’t be too quick to make this meal
Be sure that when you take the knife
The fruit is good, will bring you life

For not all food is of this kind
The world is vast, and many are blind
You need to check the branch and root
And then, perhaps, devour the fruit

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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