Back for Good

Back for Good

Thank you for your patient eyes
I’m back for good, now here’s your prize
I love to write and love to share
So watch this space, you know I care!

So how’ve you been since then, old friend?
I trust you believed it wasn’t the end
For life lives on and people grow
The current’s there still, eternal flow

Wondrous oceans, rolling seas
The skies of blue, soft summer breeze
The dolphins, birds and glorious sights
The endless days and endless nights

A time for thought and looking both ways
The past and future, through present haze
Perspective on a life so great
A chance to learn it’s good to wait

So many things then now to come
The ball’s still rolling, I hear the drum
Let’s march on now through more fine dreams
The world is ours, its treasure still gleams

And keep in mind, still more my friend
That even this one day must end
I’m back for good, more words you’ll see
But even good, in time, must flee

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013


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