In Time

In Time

Time is here and time is there
In fact you’ll find time’s everywhere
He’s far away, also inside
Wherever he likes he shall reside

This playful imp will never sleep
He doesn’t snore but might count sheep
Because he can, he’s free to choose
He plays to win, can never lose

Don’t cheat time, how could that work?
You’d go stir crazy, plain berserk
The hands are ticking, the lights flash by
No matter what form, time’s never shy

Displayed for all in every land
In glorious majesty all is planned
By Father Time, a generous soul
He lives on still, he’ll meet his goal

So let him be, don’t start to fret
Don’t let his ticking cause you to sweat
Relax and see your life’s sublime
When you accept your place in time

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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