Thought Crimes

Thought Crimes

The mind is fragile, guard it well
A million thoughts you should not tell
A billion more you really must
So carefully filter love from lust

The world is ready, it’s listening in
To every triumph and every sin
Take care the balance is for the good
You have the chance, you know you could

A thought is something none can see
Although your eyes may shine with glee
Or perhaps may fade with thought’s embrace
Yet still these clues are just a trace

You have the choice of what to share
A time for everything, please beware
The nest of vipers spits and bites
An indiscretion, so swift, brings fights

Then rise above and train your mind
The way of peace is never blind
The virtuous know so much, you see
That only discipline sets them free

I hope you’ll take these words and fly
For life’s a place where thoughts can’t die
A crime’s not simply thought, mark well
It’s what you do that time will tell

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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