Yesterday is far too late
We’ll lose the deal, they missed the bait
So here’s the next thing, this is great
Work now, I haven’t a minute to wait

The best advice is never stop
And never sleep, you’ll be a flop
Success comes to the busy mind
And all the rest are left behind

But wait a sec, is this all true?
What’s this old tripe I’m serving you
Is hard work always what you need
What says your soul, is this just greed?

For time’s not money, and work won’t free
The Nazi mind is not for me
The truth is far beyond such things
From heaven an angel softly sings

So listen closely, don’t be fooled
Your freedom can’t be over-ruled
Make choices whilst you have the time
With patience you’ll defeat this crime

(c) Simon Halliday 2013

For more info. on Simon J. Halliday:

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