The Search

The Search

Time will change all that we know
A million things can come and go
And what remains through all of this?
The search for freedom, truth and bliss

There’s no time for excuses here
Each man can fight beyond his fear
And find that nothing else is real
Except the search which all can feel

Mysterious, yes, but not so dark
The bite still waits beyond the bark
We’re not yet there, there’s time to find
Keep searching yet remaining kind

For all that’s done returns to you
A hundred-fold – regard the queue
So many reapings which await
Take care today what you create

No stopping this, the wire is cut
The fuse burns on, the past is shut
Look forward, for the sun shines bright
Despite the search through day and night

And when you find the fish you sought
Don’t be surprised by what you caught
The world broods on with quiet delight
The search remains within our sight

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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