The Turning Tide

The Turning Tide

Never doubt that tides will turn
If nothing changed, how could we learn
Such lessons which we all must know
Amazing times through which we’ll grow

No fear then, for the day is late
Procrastination will have to wait
It’s time for action, get to work
And never from your duties shirk

Each action makes a change indeed
Each switch, each wink, all things are seed
And what is growing around your mind
The future comes, let’s not be blind

For many years ago, it’s true
Grandparents taught ‘God’s watching you’
And now amidst the fields of dust
We know we’re watched, but who to trust?

The cameras, satellites homing in
On every passion and every sin
The world has changed in ways unknown
And meanwhile children now have grown

So be aware it’s not the end
Your mind plays tricks, it can pretend
But truthfully, life is open wide
Be patient for the turning tide

(c) Simon J. Halliday

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