The Challenge


Challenge is good, we need to grow
We learn more than we’d ever know
And walls we thought we’d never breach
With every brick will guide and teach

So don’t dismay when faced with this
When things we aimed for somehow miss
For good will come, in time at least
The lesson’s learned, you’ve slain the beast

And moving forward new things come
All this too much, I know, for some
Yet nevertheless another day
Shall bring more changes into play

Face up then to the challenge you see
I promise it wasn’t set by me
More likely it was set by you
Think deeply, just what did you do?

And if the answer can’t be seen
It’s time to give the slate a clean
And start again, with fiery zeal
The challenge lives on, so believe it’s real

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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