Great Potential

Great Potential

Great potential here I see
The past is not containing me
The winds of change are blowing strong
And no use worrying if I’m wrong

For times are shifting, all should know
If new paths call, you’re free to go
Beware of danger, always think
But when the chain grows, you’re the link

So simple is the path when seen
Through barren regions, also green
Yet onwards winds the trail of growth
Good times and bad, we’ll live through both

The lights of hope are always near
The switch in mind, dispelling fear
A way of finding all things new
Though friends and helpers may seem few

You never know what waits beyond
You might not need a magic wand
Just steady actions, gentle pace
The tortoise always wins the race

Keep moving through the words of dust
They’re from the dead, decay and rust
You sense the future’s coming fast
And great potential seize at last

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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