Passing By

Passing By

So many people pass each day
Each speak their mind but never pay
For money is just a bit of fun
Whilst words are hard to be undone

The thoughts of many are breeding now
The future smiles, for all know how
And contact is through every means
It’s simpler than a can of beans

So don’t despair and never fret
The best has not arrived just yet
The patience of the saints will show
The way your mind can choose to go

A little slow to get things right
No wonder in the daily fight
But somehow each will find the way
The balance of work, and love, and play

Unstoppable is each hopeful dream
Each one deserving of a ream
And yes, it’s there, no need to cry
Slow down and read, don’t pass on by

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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