Outside Forces

Outside Forces

Sometimes in our little lives
Whilst busy in our separate hives
The work seems all about ourselves
But what may lie beyond those shelves?

The outside world is peering in
The forces, soon they will begin
For action brings a new endgame
Results will change, it’s never the same

So much around we never see
Unless we take hold of the key
The gleaming lock, amidst the dust
Make connections one and all, we must

There’s danger when you push out far
Take caution when you raise the bar
So many things we have to learn
Go slowly ‘though your heart may yearn

But never stop, despite all this
There’s no way you would want to miss
The finding of your dreams which hide
And helpful forces from outside

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
For more info. on Simon J. Halliday: http://www.mysteriousbooks.co.uk

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