Build Your Dream

Build Your Dream

The day has come for you to start
Your dream will be your work of art
Each piece is placed with loving care
The dream which with the world you’ll share

Don’t be put off by those who doubt
Your dream is what it’s all about
There’s reason for this thought you keep
Dream when awake and when asleep

And maybe it’s not bricks or wood
Whatever you need find now, you should
How can the building ever commence
If you’re still sitting on the fence

Take action, make things happen now
Although you still keep wondering ‘how?’
Remember that’s the loser’s way
Results come from a busy day

So make that call and find that place
Clear up that mess and wash your face
The day is new, the chances bred
But you won’t find them staying in bed

Your dream was born in far off lands
It hints that you could use those hands
For good, and helping those in need
So build that dream, that others may feed

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
For more info. on Simon J. Halliday:

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