Some love power and say they care
And what’s the chance this power they’ll share
For those who love the power they hold
Will call each fight, they never will fold

And gentle people, wanting peace
Look on, surprised, as fears increase
And actions are now made each day
Without consent from those who pay

And what of those who misuse power?
The time ticks by each day, each hour
And media grows unstoppable now
Whilst those too slow just wonder how

How did they find me with these arms
How did they see through all my charms?
Naive is sin, for others see
And power can move, for men are free

You may say men aren’t free, I know
Not all can choose just where to go
But as the world now shifts and moves
More chance than ever that this improves

The cynical mind must open now
And ‘though demanding answers – ‘how?’
Accept that all will change at last
The future comes, the rest has past

And who then will deserve more power
The vacuum waits and people cower
Whatever we do, think long and deep
For more is learned in peaceful sleep

The dream of freedom all shall see
Perhaps in this lifetime, don’t ask me
But this I know of power to serve
The ones who love it do not deserve

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

For more info. on Simon J. Halliday: http://www.mysteriousbooks.co.uk

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