Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Rise from doubt, for light has shone
Reveals each day that life goes on
No time to wallow in the deep
Search skywards for the dreams you keep

The ones who help and challenge your mind
Are friends indeed, you know they’re kind
And yes their kind will help you now
Much more than one’s thoughts could allow

Despite our sloth and lowly thoughts
Some beauty lives between the warts
No matter what ails our feeble will
More comes in time, there’s passion still

The mirror looks back, and never lies
So looking deeply in your eyes
Instruct and order, hypnotise
Yourself to see it’s time to rise

Take action, just ignore the fear
Don’t go to far and keep friends near
A steady pace, the past has gone
And now you see that life goes on

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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