Strange But True

Strange But True

Strange but true this life of ours
Amidst the mountains, lakes and flowers
We somehow find a way to make
Some discontent whilst we’re awake

So sleeping could be helpful now
To dream and learn what He’ll allow
We’re in our place, but what comes next?
There may soon be a new context

Around the corner, something waits
What is it your mind contemplates?
For we can change the ways we go
We’re architects of what we know

They say the knowledge we have is power
Is this a help in every hour?
Of course some things lie hidden inside
But time may come when you’ll decide

To take possession of the gifts
Bestowed from birth, before the rifts
You’ll find potential long unseen
And cruise beyond these lands of green

To purple trees and lakes of gold
Beyond the riches you’ve heard told
In freedom, love and peaceful mind
Keep dreaming, more and more to find

So limitless now in what can be
I warned you, all can soon be free
Take care but never keep fear inside
So strange but true, this lifelong ride

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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