Read On

Read On

There’s no point stopping, what was gained?
Read on some more, your mind’s then trained
And yet be sure you’ve read the books
Which came from light and not from crooks

For many are printed and displayed
Some move you on, but some degrade
The patterns of life run through each word
And thoughts are things, see what’s occurred

Trace back now from a place you are
To what you read, did things move far?
A puzzle indeed yet not so hard
For with each book you’re charged or marred

Take time to filter what you need
A life worth lived grew from a seed
And plant each day what you might like
The ball is waiting, take a strike

Into the depths you can now see
It’s not a message with a fee
A simple rhyme reminding you
That what we read we sometimes do

And actions lead to change in time
Just as a dollar grows from a dime
And thoughts lead on to places new
Read on then, we’re expecting you

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
For more info. on Simon J. Halliday:


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