Joyful Hope

Joyful Hope

Don’t forget that joyful hope
We all must have to help us cope
For if we gaze into the deep
We still must learn to wake and sleep

For knowledge is fire and can ignite
A thousand questions in the night
A torment comes to those with power
And stress can multiply each hour

Beware then of the search we’re in
The dangers wait once we begin
But positive thoughts and faith of steel
Will help discern just what is real

For wisdom lives beyond us all
And parts of this at times will fall
Into our dusty changing lives
Where great potential dies or thrives

The choice is ours each day, it’s true
Great bliss awaits both me and you
In seeking where our hearts may thrive
Keep joyful hope always alive

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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