The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper

Gravely pass the souls each day
And wonder what they’ll need to pay
But money won’t buy what we’ll need
The system’s fuelled by debt and greed

I am the keeper of the shop
Don’t pass on by, you need to stop
You have to ease my heavy load
You’ve no idea of what is owed

Another day, another pound
The tills will ring their happy sound
And will this haze of numbers end?
I hope not – they’re my only friend

So adding up the profit and loss
I’m wondering who would be the boss
A labour of love is great for some
But this shopkeeper ain’t so dumb

It’s time to take a new approach
Seek deeper, and the dark reproach
Positive thoughts now – never mourn
Another day, it soon will dawn

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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