Deep Within

Deep Within

Search deep within and find what’s there
Then you’ll begin to truly care
For happiness comes to those who do
Some think that’s crazy, but it’s true

Most things don’t change, they ebb and flow
Within a range, they fall and grow
Perspective from an outside place
Brings light to those who hide their face

The time for mercy’s truly here
The race is run, love’s beaten fear
So workers, priests and sinners too
Regard what lies in store for you

No hiding when the truth is seen
Surprises come, yet all has been
What’s special in man is gentle hope
Not desperate striving, trying to cope

So keep on moving through these plains
Life is still proving hope remains
Be strong and face both grace and sin
Don’t search without, but deep within

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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