House Of Fun

House Of Fun

Step inside the house of fun
Your problems all will come undone
And magic answers flood your mind
For here’s the future of mankind

The clowns are smiling, showing you
It’s time to take a different view
And chocolate-coated walls and doors
Are found throughout the maze of floors

Whichever turn you take in here
There’s nothing to provoke your fear
It’s all laid out, so safe and bright
It’s endless day, there is no night

Regard the games, such low expense
No time for sitting on the fence
You must enjoy the toys we made
Our way of life will be obeyed

But you may have a curious mind
To step outside and perhaps unwind
It’s hard to leave once it’s begun
But what’s outside the house of fun?

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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