Social Times

Social Times

This time of year brings social times
Amidst great hopes and hidden crimes
With smiles of joy, and some with doubt
Uncertain what it’s all about

A party here, a concert there
Some work to do, some faith to share
A riot of colours, lights and noise
Excitement from the girls and boys

And in the maelstrom we’re now in
A chance for all to smash their sin
For who knows how next year will change
When evil minds can rearrange

And see some light within the storm
For every thought is given form
We’re on the brink at times, you know
We need to get back in the flow

So think more deeply at this time
Which should now bring us gifts divine
Each hope and fear to heaven climbs
So make the most of social times

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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