Dream of More

Dream of More

Who can know what lies in store?
The answer’s no-one.  Dream of more
The only one who has the power
Is you, within the dreaming hour

We all are subject to life’s whim
Don’t believe the tales that all is grim
For some will prosper as we cry
And every day life passes by

Be patient too, but don’t miss out
There’s time to wait and time to shout
Your voice is there for you to use
It can instruct, complain, amuse

And in the web of tangled thought
You’ll find that peace cannot be bought
A million pounds could wash ashore
But still, you’ll find, you’ll dream of more

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014
For more info. on Simon J. Halliday: http://www.mysteriousbooks.co.uk


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