The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life

If life’s a game then who has won?
The sour-faced banker in the sun?
Or lazy Joe who sits and plays
Each day new toys that shall amaze

Or perhaps the quiet, thoughtful soul
Who patiently works to his goal
Can he enjoy each day that comes
Whilst drinking water, eating crumbs

Let’s see the gangster in his lair
Does any joy attend him there?
So lost and feeling so much power
Whilst this erodes with every hour

And how about the spying mind
With phones and cameras never blind
Could this man have some inner peace
Or perhaps his fears each day increase

Well maybe to the arts we’ll turn
A broke musician, hopes which burn
Are joyful times his own to keep?
Or does he seek somewhere to sleep?

Then how about the hidden souls
Beyond the veil which has no holes
Behind the curtain you can’t see
Are they the ones now truly free?

Keep searching friend, for all shall come
When not content with being numb
Each one of us can learn and love
Stay open for what waits above

And in the future all is new
Those endless years slide out of view
Surprises come from out of strife
Play on, play on, the game of life

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

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