Travel On

Travel On

There’s more to learn here, travel on
The childish dreams have long since gone
Escape the cage you chose to take
All things can happen once awake

You’ll find the thing you made now works
And yet beware, for danger lurks
Choose well which mask now to adorn
New chances every day are born

Think back to when the world began
And here we are, so what’s the plan?
So small we are, so big we think
No wonder lives are on the brink

We have so much, so what’s it for?
Let’s think today, not just want more
For life won’t bring that dream, sublime
Until we learn to take our time

We move as far into the throng
As we move in, or all goes wrong
So let’s reflect on what has gone
And then, with hope, we’ll travel on

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

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