The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life

If life’s a game then who has won?
The sour-faced banker in the sun?
Or lazy Joe who sits and plays
Each day new toys that shall amaze

Or perhaps the quiet, thoughtful soul
Who patiently works to his goal
Can he enjoy each day that comes
Whilst drinking water, eating crumbs

Let’s see the gangster in his lair
Does any joy attend him there?
So lost and feeling so much power
Whilst this erodes with every hour

And how about the spying mind
With phones and cameras never blind
Could this man have some inner peace
Or perhaps his fears each day increase

Well maybe to the arts we’ll turn
A broke musician, hopes which burn
Are joyful times his own to keep?
Or does he seek somewhere to sleep?

Then how about the hidden souls
Beyond the veil which has no holes
Behind the curtain you can’t see
Are they the ones now truly free?

Keep searching friend, for all shall come
When not content with being numb
Each one of us can learn and love
Stay open for what waits above

And in the future all is new
Those endless years slide out of view
Surprises come from out of strife
Play on, play on, the game of life

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

The Mind

The Mind

The mind is deeper than we’d guess
Creating bliss or causing mess
With thoughts and dreams, go with the flow
Until you see what you must know

For searchers find, at least one day
That truly there will be a way
No point in hiding, holding back
Once you have found that life’s on track

Seven billion heads which think
And still this world is on the brink
So what are all these hopes and dreams?
Each moment trillions, so it seems

Unceasing is the will of man
And rightly so, there is a plan
But open up and you will find
That life goes far beyond the mind

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

No Surprises

No Surprises

No surprises, things move slow
Some hope for change, but where to go?
The daily grind is safe and sure
And yet most say they’re wanting more

So what’s the secret in this maze?
Seek those who rise above the haze
And make a difference every day
They’ll help you see there is a way

It’s not illusion that lives on
For one day that will all be gone
It’s simple truth that we now seek
And peace of mind is for the meek

So slowing down can help us all
As things speed up then all could fall
Confused?  You will be.  Life won’t stop
And who could ever reach ‘the top’?

More questions here than answers, yes
These words are not here to impress
A simple challenge, new thought rises
One day later … no surprises?

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, as they can do
Don’t fight too hard to find the clue
It might be something else to blame
But start your search within, with you

The world spins on, not much has changed
Of course life’s gifts are rearranged
Yet basic truths will never die
And likewise, neither you nor I

So have some faith that all is well
Although we know that time will tell
Some shocks, surprises perhaps in store
Despite disguises, life gives more

Go onwards, upwards, never stop
It’s never too busy at the top
For billions searching down below
Are looking upwards at the show

It’s quite a scene, there’s much to see
It’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea
But some will wonder if there’s more
And what their life might have in store

These souls will rise, they’ll not know why
Yet something draws them to the sky
And way beyond, where stars are born
A peaceful haven from life’s scorn

There isn’t a chance, with faith and hope
Your mission could fail – you know you’ll cope
Whatever life throws, however things fall
When things go wrong, stay standing tall

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Always seek beauty here on earth
This world where you were given birth
For nothing else sees the way you see
Your life’s your own to wander free

Don’t be concerned by others’ scorn
Or what they think of clothes you’ve worn
You don’t owe things to earthly whim
Look beyond, for much is grim

There always will be minds that judge
Someone always bears a grudge
Don’t be the one I’m speaking of
Seek only beauty, truth and love

So simple you might think it seems
Deluded thoughts, all hopes and dreams
Yet hopes and dreams are where it’s seeded
These are things so badly needed

So then, don’t dismiss this verse
Because it didn’t drain your purse
The truth is free as are these words
And beauty flies with bees and birds

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Open Minds

Open Minds
Never be fooled by the daily grind
You can’t each day a miracle find
Sometimes you just trudge blindly on
Exhausted, working, can’t unwind
But everything you daily do
Will circle through the endless stew
And reach a few who somehow care
You may not see before you’re through
So never give up your greatest quest
You know deep down how well you’re blessed
It’s timeless, formless to the world
But everything will have its test
You have to work on every piece
You can’t allow this work to cease
It’s only you who’ll make it right
Completion is what brings release
Remember from this moment on
You had a light which brightly shone
Without a mind that’s open now
Your future is as good as gone
Then don’t give up!  You must persist
And you’re just one in digital mist
A billion souls with open minds
Exciting future!  Shouldn’t be missed.
(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well by Simon J. Halliday

If, in your world, numbers rule

You’ll never want to look the fool

You might just be afraid to lose

Because, you know, the world is cruel

Whether it’s striving for top grade

Or making money in light or shade

You’ll never quite reach the highest bough

Because the games are daily played

So peering deeper into prose

And searching meaning, finding flows

You might begin to sense much more

Beyond the columns and the rows

The rose and hedge, the bird and bee

The wild geese fly, the fish swim free

And there you sit with screen and pen

Now choosing either wine or tea

Expand your vision beyond these walls

Reach out before your life now falls

The images, sounds of cellular pain

Are screaming, echoing round your halls

And where’s the well of wishes true?

Why is it hiding from your view?

The things which matter most of all

Seem distant, always mocking you

Yet now’s the time to rise and say

I’m not allowing those things to stray

My field of vision is growing strong

My love, my dreams can’t slip away

I’m holding on, I’m getting mad

The well of wishes such beauty had

And never can my mind forget

There’s never a reason for staying sad

So, simple though these words may be

Please take some of the mystery

You’ll make your life by what you do

So make your wish, it will come true.

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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