Wide Awake

Wide Awake

Despite the dark I’m wide awake
I see some give and others take
I’m watching from a place of hope
And forming words to help us cope

The games play on, folk live and die
Whilst ships of light are in the sky
And eyes of wisdom watch in vein
As mankind seals its fate again

A planet lost in violent greed
Whilst beauty waits in every seed
A painful lesson for the young
That songs, at times, are left unsung

So where’s the hope?  I hear you cry
These words are willing us to die
Yet die we must, one day in time
Then what’s the value of a dime?

You see my friends, all things will pass
And that’s the key, we’re like the grass
One day to grow and play our part
Then time to sow as we depart

Think positive then, our time is now
To truly learn what we’ll allow
The future world is ours to make
How shall it be?  Stay wide awake

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014