The Fear Of Life

The Fear Of Life

Never have the fear of life
It crushes dreams and causes strife
Nowhere to go when in this place
You dare not even show your face

Have courage and the will to win
Then all good things at last begin
The future’s bright and all can see
That soon will come your victory

Some try to hinder, don’t give in
Move forward and beyond this sin
Your life’s your own to use at will
But take good care, have caution still

No-one could know where this will end
Some say they do, but just pretend
A veil of dreams, confusion rife
It’s time to beat the fear of life

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

Who Will Know?

Who Will Know?

Within the fog then who will know?
Will all still reap just what they sow?
Remember this – the fog will clear
And truth comes in, dispelling fear

Think on then, for these times will weave
An action comes from what we believe
It may not be the one we guessed
But somehow someone knows what’s best

Despite our weakness and our doubt
We still can hope, survive the drought
A brighter day now lies in wait
Have courage, things may soon be great

Don’t worry, for that never wins
A brand new story now begins
Our gifts we’ll bring, our lives may flow
It doesn’t matter who will know

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

The Claw Of Doom

The Claw Of Doom

Watch out for the claw of doom
It could be hiding in your room
It drips with blood and never sleeps
In every silent shadow creeps

The game is on with every day
The claw of doom still wants to play
It’s grinning from its hellish pit
You really shouldn’t mess with it

So some will run and some ask why
Whilst some will every fear defy
They’ll take it on with open arms
Despite its total lack of charms

Remember, then, in peaceful days
That fear can sometimes guide our ways
Although we need to beat the gloom
Don’t ever approach the claw of doom

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014