Holiday Times

Holiday Times

Holiday times can change your view
With places old and places new
So much to learn, explore, reflect
A break brings more than you expect

Don’t work without the hope for rest
We’re here to live, more than we guessed
Strive on with visions greater still
So far beyond the running mill

With peace of mind a mission’s clear
The answers suddenly appear
All swept away are olden doubts
Results may come when freedom shouts

So heed the call, there’s not much time
And every chance will help you climb
The web of life brings joy so clear
When holiday times again draw near

(c) Simon J. Halliday

Have Some Fun!

Have Some Fun!

Have some fun!  For life is short
Who cares how much you earned or bought?
True friends are priceless, as is joy
Don’t let earth’s soil these things destroy

Move on and smile, make friends anew
You know what’s what and who is who
So if you’re stuck with who to call
Take action now, you’ll live through all

You’ll find the ones who know success
Are just as you are, more or less
Some days are great and some not so
One day is hard, the next will flow

So with perspective and bright thoughts
Don’t simply dream of hot resorts
Make good times here and now – you’ve won!
If you know how to have some fun

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014