Know Your Mind

Know Your Mind

The time has come to know your mind
Search deeply, see what you can find
And then move forward, vision clear
With greater hope, and in top gear

You’ll help a million people now
You’ll have the strength to show them how
Look back and see you had to grow
So many things you didn’t know

And in these times, where all can be
Make space and time, but peacefully
Reflect on things and why they come
To simply be is hard for some

Much more will be achieved by those
Who think it through, this always shows
So take your time and don’t be blind
It’s priceless when you know your mind

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

A Single Thought

A Single Thought

A single thought creates a brand
Or helps a nation make its stand
It causes love to start or stop
And every chance to take or drop

The power within each thought is raw
No cost at all, there’s still no law
And police will also want some dreams
For all are human, so it seems

So moving on from what we’ve learned
The tears were shed, the fingers burned
We reach the place where we can see
The future, in its infancy

So hold this thought from this day on
The past, each moment, now has gone
And life goes on, great visions sought
But each begins a single thought 

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014
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