Love takes many forms indeed
It’s something that we all will need
From birth to death it must be there
It may be hidden, you might ask where

In friends and family, spread so far
In people searching for the star
Amidst the doubt and narrow eyes
From time to time some hope still flies

And what moves now from way down deep?
The truth which comes whilst we’re asleep
A ray of light which cuts through fear
Reminding us that joy is near

Ignore then every word of doom
For negative thoughts allow no room
It’s time to fill your mind with belief
That life and love will bring relief

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014


A Single Thought

A Single Thought

A single thought creates a brand
Or helps a nation make its stand
It causes love to start or stop
And every chance to take or drop

The power within each thought is raw
No cost at all, there’s still no law
And police will also want some dreams
For all are human, so it seems

So moving on from what we’ve learned
The tears were shed, the fingers burned
We reach the place where we can see
The future, in its infancy

So hold this thought from this day on
The past, each moment, now has gone
And life goes on, great visions sought
But each begins a single thought 

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014
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