See It Through

See It Through

The ball is rolling – see it through
A few more things you’ll need to do
But when it’s done, no looking back
It’s not the time for you to slack

For nothing ever was complete
When people didn’t move their feet
With action you can slay the beast
Return from work, enjoy your feast

There’s so much now awaiting you
Relax a little, change your view
And all the answers will be seen
From all the places we have been

Be bold and sure, no compromise
The truth may wear a good disguise
Yet still your song reveals the clue
Success comes when you see it through

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014



Timeless is the soul that tries
To rise above the worldly lies
It’s seeking love and nothing less
In such a barren wilderness

To rise and fall each day is tough
When seeking diamonds in the rough
Yet they are there and may be found
They glisten, but without a sound

So music may contain deceit
It’s full of tricks, can have you beat
Make room for silence here and there
A balance makes you more aware

If lost in sound, or other things
You may find you have grown some wings
Then try them out and fly – you must
And timeless are the souls which trust

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

Wide Awake

Wide Awake

Despite the dark I’m wide awake
I see some give and others take
I’m watching from a place of hope
And forming words to help us cope

The games play on, folk live and die
Whilst ships of light are in the sky
And eyes of wisdom watch in vein
As mankind seals its fate again

A planet lost in violent greed
Whilst beauty waits in every seed
A painful lesson for the young
That songs, at times, are left unsung

So where’s the hope?  I hear you cry
These words are willing us to die
Yet die we must, one day in time
Then what’s the value of a dime?

You see my friends, all things will pass
And that’s the key, we’re like the grass
One day to grow and play our part
Then time to sow as we depart

Think positive then, our time is now
To truly learn what we’ll allow
The future world is ours to make
How shall it be?  Stay wide awake

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

Be The Change

Be The Change

Life can quickly rearrange
When you decide to be the change
It’s strange to some, but free for all
The writing, still, is on the wall

The ones who help and truly care
Will be found out, you’ll see them there
So listen to the friends you know
They’ll help you with the way to go

And what of you?  More choices now
Some things to block, some to allow
Control of what comes in and out
Until you learn what it’s about

So calmer now, you finally know
That as you reap then you will sow
See many targets in your range
Your time has come to be the change

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014
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Dream of More

Dream of More

Who can know what lies in store?
The answer’s no-one.  Dream of more
The only one who has the power
Is you, within the dreaming hour

We all are subject to life’s whim
Don’t believe the tales that all is grim
For some will prosper as we cry
And every day life passes by

Be patient too, but don’t miss out
There’s time to wait and time to shout
Your voice is there for you to use
It can instruct, complain, amuse

And in the web of tangled thought
You’ll find that peace cannot be bought
A million pounds could wash ashore
But still, you’ll find, you’ll dream of more

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014
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Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer

Everywhere you go right now
You’ll hear the joy and wonder how
Amidst the world of endless woe
We somehow find the joy we know

More smiles and hugs than usual days
A sense of giving and generous ways
The chance for all to show more care
And endless light for those who dare

The world is shifting every hour
Somewhere out there exists great power
And in here too, in every heart
Each day another chance to start

So in your travels, if Scrooge is seen
See through his ways, ‘though they are mean
A smile and generous heart go far
Much further than old Scrooge’s car

And some have people to excess
Whilst others are in the wilderness
Through all this time, stand up to fear
And let joy in, with Christmas cheer

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, as they can do
Don’t fight too hard to find the clue
It might be something else to blame
But start your search within, with you

The world spins on, not much has changed
Of course life’s gifts are rearranged
Yet basic truths will never die
And likewise, neither you nor I

So have some faith that all is well
Although we know that time will tell
Some shocks, surprises perhaps in store
Despite disguises, life gives more

Go onwards, upwards, never stop
It’s never too busy at the top
For billions searching down below
Are looking upwards at the show

It’s quite a scene, there’s much to see
It’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea
But some will wonder if there’s more
And what their life might have in store

These souls will rise, they’ll not know why
Yet something draws them to the sky
And way beyond, where stars are born
A peaceful haven from life’s scorn

There isn’t a chance, with faith and hope
Your mission could fail – you know you’ll cope
Whatever life throws, however things fall
When things go wrong, stay standing tall

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Always seek beauty here on earth
This world where you were given birth
For nothing else sees the way you see
Your life’s your own to wander free

Don’t be concerned by others’ scorn
Or what they think of clothes you’ve worn
You don’t owe things to earthly whim
Look beyond, for much is grim

There always will be minds that judge
Someone always bears a grudge
Don’t be the one I’m speaking of
Seek only beauty, truth and love

So simple you might think it seems
Deluded thoughts, all hopes and dreams
Yet hopes and dreams are where it’s seeded
These are things so badly needed

So then, don’t dismiss this verse
Because it didn’t drain your purse
The truth is free as are these words
And beauty flies with bees and birds

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Open Minds

Open Minds
Never be fooled by the daily grind
You can’t each day a miracle find
Sometimes you just trudge blindly on
Exhausted, working, can’t unwind
But everything you daily do
Will circle through the endless stew
And reach a few who somehow care
You may not see before you’re through
So never give up your greatest quest
You know deep down how well you’re blessed
It’s timeless, formless to the world
But everything will have its test
You have to work on every piece
You can’t allow this work to cease
It’s only you who’ll make it right
Completion is what brings release
Remember from this moment on
You had a light which brightly shone
Without a mind that’s open now
Your future is as good as gone
Then don’t give up!  You must persist
And you’re just one in digital mist
A billion souls with open minds
Exciting future!  Shouldn’t be missed.
(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule by Simon J. Halliday

Deep beneath the frozen earth

Lies something hidden of unknown worth

A treasure for adventurous souls

To find at will, with joy and mirth

Not to give the game away

I’ll keep it quiet until the day

That someone questions just enough

To bring the answer into play

And then the quest has just begun

For no-one knows beneath the sun

Just where this treasure is quietly lain

Its prime objective – to bring us fun

So searching every land and sea

The people try to set it free

But silently it never stirs

Elusive still, this mystery

I haven’t told you anything real

Or truths you might wish I’d reveal

Yet minds are subtle you may yet find

A thing of worth will have a seal

It’s only when the student’s time

Has reached the point of facing crime

And fearless, marches through it all

With knowledge of life beyond sublime

The answers lie in patient wait

Whilst students cry with fear and hate

So rise from life and search through time

The biggest fish takes all the bait

And does he live or does he die?

Does he sing or does he cry?

The capsule still lies hidden in time

So search, my friend, for time can’t lie

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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