Mysterious Jack

Mysterious Jack

Here comes old mysterious Jack
When he’s around you’ll never slack
For when he’s near, strange things occur
And long-forgotten thoughts will stir

A quiet man with hidden power
He’ll keep you guessing every hour
You may decide he’s not your friend
But he’ll still reach you in the end

Be on your guard when Jack appears
He has a way of finding fears
And somehow all your life is known
To Jack’s wise mind, where truth is grown

You may think that you’d been quite clever
But Jack can see forever and ever
He’s not the Lord but they have met
And Jack knows things you ain’t seen yet

Then if you find this life gets dull
Watch out, for soon it may be full
When turning corners watch your back
In deepest shadows you’ll find old Jack

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014