Between The Words

Between The Words

What may lie between the words?
Is language pure, as with the birds?
Words may be twisted and controlled
Hear deeper into things you’re told

For disappointments seek the mind
Which takes as read all it can find
Too quick to believe and then to act
Each input makes a deep impact

And yet let’s not be closed or cold
We’ll take a look at what is sold
But will we buy it?  Take some care
You’ll find illusions everywhere

This world won’t stop, although we must
Let’s take a break from worldly lust
Step back and see who’s happy here
Some great surprises could be near

The ones who like to learn and grow
Who keep it simple as they sow
And then each day will reap some gain
Who can embrace both joy and pain

Don’t shy away from what is said
But check what’s entering your head
For information may be found
Between the words, without a sound

(c) Simon J. Halliday