Read and Learn

Read and Learn


With every book you’ll read and learn
Your soul may soar or it may burn
The pains and pleasures of life’s ride
No longer from our minds may hide

The stories are of human folk
Reminding us life’s not a joke
And all are part of one great mass
Each day things change and come to pass

So where then is your mind today?
A place of work or state of play?
As seeds are planted on the land
Your dreams and visions now are planned

Then let’s dream peace and grand designs
Your mind each picture now refines
And searching is your inner soul
To reach that long-expected goal

The outward world will try to take
Each blissful dream once you’re awake
But it will fail, for deep we yearn
And more each day we read and learn

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014