One Hundred Poems

One Hundred Poems

One hundred poems!  Who would have thought?
Some insight gained, some lessons taught
And yet all this has just begun
In dreams, in life, these words are spun

Read on then in the days which come
Results are not a simple sum
One hundred poems, ‘so what?’ you cry
Indeed, so what, we still must die

But life is here, we must press on
Inspired by things now come and gone
Ideas which breed, through time and space
And silent voices in the race

Such voices some day will be heard
We don’t yet know just what’s occurred
For such is life in screen-filled days
We all exist within the maze

Keep reading then, and counting on
Remember such ideas which shone
Of faith and hope amidst life’s noise
One hundred poems, one hundred toys

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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A Friendly Word

A Friendly Word by Simon J. Halliday

The world can be confusing

No-one could disagree

Whilst wars rage on and crime still pays

What’s left for you and me?

But never will a negative thought

Be helpful for our cause

The only way is up, they say

So don’t forget what’s yours

Hold on to every memory

And everything you know

For times will come when all these things

Will help your life to flow

I’m speaking to the lost and lonely

People who don’t know

The future’s bright for those who love

Yet have nowhere to go

The dawn of hope is ever-near

The power of life runs deep

You only need a friendly word

To wake you from your sleep

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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