What We’ve Got

What We’ve Got

Does it matter, what we’ve got?
Some have a little, some a lot
And who is happy in this time?
Don’t guess too soon, read through this rhyme

The answer is that no-one knows
One day things change, new fortune grows
And still the answer isn’t plain
Think on these things, and think again

The games are endless, who may win?
Contestants race once they begin
And yet the questions still remain
Some live in lies, some live in pain

Look further than your shadowed friends
A chance is here to make amends
With truth and beauty, burning hot
Give thanks today for what we’ve got

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014



Commitment is a force that wins
It beats a thousand lies and sins
For when you meet the one that’s sure
You’ll see their goal and nothing more

A barren wasteland you may find
When searching through this humankind
But when at last you’ve found the gold
Then all has changed from days of old

Wherever life may lead, take heart
We knew the story from the start
To suffer has its place, my friend
And often it is worth the end

Hold on then, for the world is small
A silent, spinning, puzzle-ball
Seek out the truth with peace in mind
Commitment brings what you defined

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

Get It Right

Get It Right

Get it right, there’s no excuse
There is forgiveness, or the noose
Chances we can take don’t end
With consequences, don’t pretend

Some hold back, others on a roll
But trying hard can take its toll
Be sure of what you want to do
And here’s the best part – see it through!

And with the current pressures here
Take my advice and have no fear
Don’t do things just because you’re told
Make choices now, you must be bold

But stay within the safety zone
These words should not leave you alone
The friends and helpers that we need
Are waiting just beyond our greed

And with the doubt that’s daily spun
No wonder things are not begun
Ignore the ones that want to fight
Just hold your course and get it right

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2014

When Things Go Wrong

When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong, as they can do
Don’t fight too hard to find the clue
It might be something else to blame
But start your search within, with you

The world spins on, not much has changed
Of course life’s gifts are rearranged
Yet basic truths will never die
And likewise, neither you nor I

So have some faith that all is well
Although we know that time will tell
Some shocks, surprises perhaps in store
Despite disguises, life gives more

Go onwards, upwards, never stop
It’s never too busy at the top
For billions searching down below
Are looking upwards at the show

It’s quite a scene, there’s much to see
It’s not quite everyone’s cup of tea
But some will wonder if there’s more
And what their life might have in store

These souls will rise, they’ll not know why
Yet something draws them to the sky
And way beyond, where stars are born
A peaceful haven from life’s scorn

There isn’t a chance, with faith and hope
Your mission could fail – you know you’ll cope
Whatever life throws, however things fall
When things go wrong, stay standing tall

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Always seek beauty here on earth
This world where you were given birth
For nothing else sees the way you see
Your life’s your own to wander free

Don’t be concerned by others’ scorn
Or what they think of clothes you’ve worn
You don’t owe things to earthly whim
Look beyond, for much is grim

There always will be minds that judge
Someone always bears a grudge
Don’t be the one I’m speaking of
Seek only beauty, truth and love

So simple you might think it seems
Deluded thoughts, all hopes and dreams
Yet hopes and dreams are where it’s seeded
These are things so badly needed

So then, don’t dismiss this verse
Because it didn’t drain your purse
The truth is free as are these words
And beauty flies with bees and birds

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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Open Minds

Open Minds
Never be fooled by the daily grind
You can’t each day a miracle find
Sometimes you just trudge blindly on
Exhausted, working, can’t unwind
But everything you daily do
Will circle through the endless stew
And reach a few who somehow care
You may not see before you’re through
So never give up your greatest quest
You know deep down how well you’re blessed
It’s timeless, formless to the world
But everything will have its test
You have to work on every piece
You can’t allow this work to cease
It’s only you who’ll make it right
Completion is what brings release
Remember from this moment on
You had a light which brightly shone
Without a mind that’s open now
Your future is as good as gone
Then don’t give up!  You must persist
And you’re just one in digital mist
A billion souls with open minds
Exciting future!  Shouldn’t be missed.
(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013
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The Dawn Riders

The Dawn Riders by Simon J. Halliday

Did you wake to sounds of birds

Or was it grinding, steel machines?

The world provides a million ways

To take our hopes and steal our dreams

Yet through the complex thoughts which spin

The light is there for all to find

A single life is nothing much

Unless it’s connected to mankind

The point is not to say hello

Or copy and paste a few old words

The need is far much greater now

To look beyond, to learn and grow

For every whim and passing fad

Will be replaced and leave you cold

Today a phone or perhaps a horse

Tomorrow will seem a little old

Although the passing time is real

You’re not a prisoner to this game

The money goes and so do friends

But new things come, so have no blame

No good comes from looking back

Without the hope of another dawn

In years of searching time’s rich web

I finally see the future born

It’s just beginning for us all

And this, more true for older minds

For death is just a new beginning

When no-one cares, the searcher finds

If all this seems a little odd

And lost you somewhere in the midst

I can’t make an apology

There’s too much waiting on my list

You see the time is pressing on

I’m just like you, I have to go

And writing isn’t everything

It just helps keep me in the flow

So think on words and think on thoughts

Remembering that they’re not your own

The Riders of the dawn were here

Long before our lives had grown

(c) Simon J. Halliday 2013

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